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At SAJ Medical Facilities Management, our main vision is based on the alignment of the elements of productivity, efficiency and growth. Those three principles are the driving forces that enable the workforce behind the medical and oil & gas industries to excel at their status quo and to ensure their ever-growing innovation.


Recruitment and staffing along with equipping business with the right tools and information to excel are imperative. Our decades of experience, our refined knowledge based on real life scenarios and our intellectual empathy towards who can achieve what in the right positions set our services in a niche of their own - all these services are focused on your end game and your growth.



Our mission is to ensure that the UAE’s and the region’s medical and oil & gas industries are equipped with the highest caliber of the most important resource in any medium: the human resource.


From our medical facilities management to our medical recruitment, along with staff licensing and supply of ambulances, to our 360° oil and gas medical fields services, we aim to place the best people in the best places to achieve results that truly do make a change.


  • Healthcare Manpower

  • Recruitment

  • PCR

  • Medical Facilities Management

  • Healthcare Professionals Licensing​

  • Supply of Ambulances

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​Tasneef Audit

  • ​HealthCare Policies

  • Oil and Gas​ Fields Medical Services

  • Facility Licensing

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