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HR / PRO Officer

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Job description

Hiring for our Healthcare HomeCare Center an HR/PRO Officer.
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Must have Labour Law Knowledge.
Minimum Experience: 4 years in the UAE
Air Ticket: Yearly.
Gender: Preferably Male.
Salary Range: AED 5000 to AED 5500



• Provide support to supervisors and staff to develop the skills and capabilities of staff.
• Provide advice and assistance with writing job descriptions
• Provide advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluations
• Organize staff training sessions, workshops and activities
• Provide staff orientations
• Monitor staff performance and attendance activities.
• Coordinate staff recruitment and selection process in order to ensure a timely organized and comprehensive procedure is used to hire staff.
• Provide information and assistance to staff, supervisors and Council on human resource and work related issues.
• Manage Employee personnel files
• Manage the monthly KPIS by updating all information and ensuring that all processes are working properly
• Manage all the daily requests from employees and work with the PRO on completing all PRO work
• Assist with the day-to-day efficient operation of the HR office
• Directly in charge to follow up the labor camps occupancy plan, and maintain their states in conformity with the Municipality regulations
• Provide all the HR data’s and reports as required by the mother company, in coordination with the finance department

About the Company

At SAJ Medical Facilities Management, our main vision is based on the alignment of the elements of productivity, efficiency and growth. Those three principles are the driving forces that enable the workforce behind the medical and oil & gas industries to excel at their status quo and to ensure their ever-growing innovation.
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