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Sales Representative

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a Sales Representative for a homecare facility in Abu Dhabi with the below details:

Total Salary: 6,000 AED - 8,000 AED - Depending on experience. (Plus Commission)
Air ticket Provided every year.
Medical Insurance Provided.
Prefer Arab Nationality
Experience in Medical Equipment. (wheelchairs, hospital beds, Standing Frames ETC…)


Job Description:

  • organizing appointments and meetings with community- and hospital-based healthcare staff

  • identifying and establishing new business

  • negotiating contracts

  • demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare staff including doctors, nurses and pharmacists

  • undertaking relevant research

  • meeting both the business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals

  • maintaining detailed records

  • attending and organizing trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings

  • managing budgets

  • reviewing sales performance

  • writing reports and other documents.

About the Company

At SAJ Medical Facilities Management, our main vision is based on the alignment of the elements of productivity, efficiency and growth. Those three principles are the driving forces that enable the workforce behind the medical and oil & gas industries to excel at their status quo and to ensure their ever-growing innovation.
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